If you are looking for some social media inspiration, look no further; here are some great post ideas for June.

It is easy to fall into the habit of relying upon the old standbys of #throwbackthursday each week, and while that can be a lot of fun going down memory lane, it’s also great to mix things up a bit as well.

Here are some examples of post ideas for June that you can use across the board from your blog to social media. Be sure to include #socialbizbabes so we can follow along to see what wonderful things you create!

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June 1st: Happy June! Welcome the new month and the unofficial kick off of summer!

June 2nd: Thankful Thursday. It’s always great to show your gratitude for what’s happening in your life.

June 3rd: National Donut Day. With roots from WWII, National Donut Day is a favorite each year on social media.

June 4th: National Cheese Day. Two food days in row? Yes please! Let’s see your cheese! Let’s see your favorite cheeses.

June 5th:  National Cancer Survivors Day. Join us in celebrating those who have fought a terrific battle and kicked cancer to the curb.

June 6th:  Motivation Monday. A classic, and it’s worth revisiting periodically. What motivates you?

June 7th:  Chocolate Ice Cream Day. It is truly summer when it’s time to celebrate ice cream.

June 8th: National Best Friends Day. And it just happens to fall on my best friend’s birthday! Share a favorite memory with your bestie.

June 9th: Throwback Thursday:  It’s another classic, and is worth sharing another fun memory.

June 10th:  Friday Funny. Is there something that always gives you a chuckle? For me, it’s my dogs.

June 11th:  Ferris Bueller’s Skip Day Anniversary.  It’s the 30th anniversary of the day Ferris skipped school.  How would you play hooky?

June 12th: Red Roses.  It’s a national day to celebrate roses, and the red ones are so beautiful.

June 13th:  Man Crush Monday. Is there a celeb you crush on? Let’s dish about it!

June 14th:  Flag Day.  It’s a great day to show your patriotism and share a photo of your flag.

June 15th:  Hump Day. It’s not only Wednesday, it’s also halfway through the month, so it’s a double hump day. Let’s see those camels with two humps!

June 16th:  Dump the Pump Day. Today we band together as a community to find alternate means of getting around other than driving.

June 17th: Flip Flops Friday. Are you in a weekend state of mind yet? Do your feet say Friday?

June 18th:  Saturday Swag. If you’ve been shopping recently, let’s see how you treated yourself.

June 19th: Father’s Day. Let’s celebrate the fathers in our lives.

June 20th: Milkshake Monday. It’s hot outside. Let’s cool off with a shake!

June 21st: First Day of Summer. It’s finally official! Whether you had a Midsummer Night’s Dream or a solstice observation, let’s find out how you are spending the first day of summer.

June 22nd:  June’s Birthstone.  The birthstone for June is pearls. Do you have a favorite set of pearls? My favorite ones are the ones I inherited from my great grandmother.

June 23rd: National Pink Day. It may not be Wednesday, but today we wear pink.

June 24th:  Friday Reads. Any great book recommendations you can make? What’s on your nightstand?

June 25th:  Saturday Shenanigans.  What fun are you getting into this weekend?

June 26th:  #SundayFunday. Let’s continue the fun! Is your Sunday active or is a Netflix and Chill day more your style?

June 27th:  Sunglasses Day.  Share your sunnies!

June 28th:  Summer Treats. Do you have a favorite summer recipe or snack?

June 29th:  Camera Day.  It’s National Camera Day, so be sure to take a photo!

June 30th:  Social Media Day. Share your favorite or most recently learned social media tip with your followers.

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You can prepare a lot of these posts in advance to make it easy for you. No need to have a daily photography or image creation project.  If you are at a bbq for Father’s Day and see a great item on the June post ideas list, snap it and save it.

I look forward to seeing your interpretation of these June post ideas.  Remember to tag #socialbizbabes on your images as I’ll feature some of them to share on Social Biz Babes’ Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest accounts.  Have fun!

To your great success.

Jennifer Quisenberry, Social Biz Babes, founder of Social Biz Babes, social media expert, social media training

Jennifer Quisenberry, founder of Social Biz Babes

Jennifer Quisenberry is a Social Influencer, author and blogger. She lives in Los Angeles, CA with her husband and two dogs.